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Where to stay in Paris during the 2024 Olympic Games for a romantic wedding proposal?

If you needed another reason to visit Paris, here's one: The Olympic games, taking place in 2024. And if you're waiting for the perfect time to pop the question, now is the time to begin planning for a moment that wins the gold.

Why come to Paris during the Olympic games ?

Paris is always a good idea, even better when there is a major international event that attracts people from all over the world, providing a unique opportunity to experience different cultures and diversity.

As the city of love, Paris is a beautiful city known for its iconic architecture, art, fashion, and cuisine, which will be bustling with even more energy and excitement during the Olympics. Enjoy the opportunity to witness world-class athletes competing at the highest level, which is a unique and special opportunity to live with your partner.

And if there is a city that know how to throw a party, that is Paris. The city is likely to have various Olympic-themed activities, including concerts, parties, and exhibitions, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Olympic spirit and create unforgettable memories.

And to finish up with a bang, end your one of a kind visit with a proposal to take their breath away. You will bring home the gold!

Where to stay? Where to propose?

It is decided, tickets are booked and the planning has become. Now the biggest question of them all, where to stay in Paris to take in the city, enjoy the energy from the games and enjoy some alone time with your partner?

We've got your covered with our top 5 addresses, for the most unique stay to enjoy à deux.


Stay in the Seine river, not near, but at the river. The OFF Paris Seine is a hotel located between Gare d’Austerlitz and Gare de Lyon train stations, perfect spot to enjoy fast changing surroundings with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Enjoy a stroll along the Seine and discover the secret spots of the city.

Enjoy a special boat ride to propose at sunset with the most stunning views of the city.

Discover the hotel here.


Sail, dine, and sleep on the Seine. A different option to stay closer to the city center but still experience the magic of sleeping on the Seine, the VIP Paris Yacht Hotel offers guest the opportunity to board a moving boat to experience not only dining on a boat but discovering the city without ever leaving your room.

Book the room with a private jacuzzi, we'll set up the room for you to pop the question right as you pass below the Eiffel Tower.

Discover the hotel here.


Fairly new to the city, this hotel offers guests a 360 view of the city from above. The hotel was conceived as an art gallery, showcasing pieces from the lobby to each room. Enjoy the Bonnie triology in-house: restaurant, bar and club. Propose to your loved on top of the most breathtaking rooftoops in town. All within walking distance from the Seine river and Le Marais.

Discover the hotel here.


Discover well hidden between the Montmartre neighborhood and the Canal Saint Martin a unique space, with Haussmanian architecture and a secret, iconic bar: the ICE KUBE Bar. Enjoy the cocktails prepared by experienced mixologists under -20 degrees, a one of a kind experience. How about tasting a unique cocktail made for only your couple to celebrate popping the question in the city of love?

Discover the hotel here.


Discover a one of a kind hotel, with different location in town, and with a quirky decor and unique spaces, it is a place to have fun. Escape the crowds in the city center, designed by industrial modern designer, Philippe Starck, you can expect to find unique details all around: superhero masks placed in every room, elevators papered with trivias, or even iMac televisions placed in every room.

Take a stroll to join the Seine river, where a unique and romantic scene in front of the Eiffel Tower awaits for you to get down on one knee. We'll take care of everything, just bring the ring.

Discover the hotel here.


Airbnb always offers charming, well-located and convenient accommodation. We have shared with you a video containing a list of 5 interesting and high profile listings.

Here is our own list, of 5 airbnb related to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and the location of the various events and ceremonies.

No matter where you are from, the Olympics present a once in a lifetime experience, and whether your couple is adventurous, romantic or private, there is a spot for you to discover the city your way. Mix with the Parisians or escape the crowds for your proposal, we'll guide you to the most special time of the trip.

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