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Creating a Wedding Proposal Speech for a private proposal inspired by Paris's Romance [FULL GUIDE]

You've made the decision to travel the world and pop the question to your soul mate in Paris, the City of Love. It might be exciting and daunting to consider how to convey the romance of this legendary city in your proposal speech.

Creating a Wedding Proposal Speech for a private proposal inspired by Paris's Romance [FULL GUIDE]
Creating a Wedding Proposal Speech for a private proposal inspired by Paris's Romance [FULL GUIDE]

Do not be alarmed; this thorough guide will assist you in creating a wedding proposal speech that will permanently carve your love tale into the Parisian air. If you want to get straight to the point, you can use our free AI-powered speech proposal generation tool. Let's move on to the guide:

First, think about your love story.

Retrace the actions you took to build your relationship to start. Recall the times that strengthened your relationship and brought you closer together. Record the stories, intimate jokes, and dreams that define your relationship. Your proposal speech will have authenticity thanks to this basis.

Step 2: Adopt the Parisian elegance

Paris is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Include words that capture the charm of the city. Consider drawing inspiration from famous Parisian sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and Montmartre. Use words to describe these places that capture their atmosphere. You can also highlight the strength of your love by explaining your journey to organize your proposal in the city of love, and why (here are 10 reasons to make your proposal in Paris).

Step 3: Be real about your emotions

Emotional expression is essential. Describe how your partner's presence brings radiance, joy, and love into your surroundings. Let your true emotions guide your words as you speak from the heart. Recall that closeness is only possible via vulnerability.

Step 4: Emphasise shared dreams

Make a comparison between the development of your relationship and your shared aspirations. Think about your common goals, experiences, and the future you see together. Express how excited you are about the road ahead. A successful proposal is one that is linked to your love story, your adventures, and your memories. Here's an article that will help you with this part: Surprise Proposal during a Trip to Paris: Top tips & guides for a perfect wedding.

Step 5: Include your own touches

As you craft your proposal speech, don't forget to include your own unique touches that will make it deeply personal and meaningful to your relationship. For example, if you both have a favorite movie that you've watched countless times together, consider incorporating a memorable quote or reference from that movie that holds special significance for both of you.

Let's assume "Casablanca" is your favorite movie, and there is a particular passage that always makes you both laugh. To fit your proposal speech, you may jokingly change the line to something like:

As we stand at the edge of eternity, I'm staring at you, youngster. I've found my forever in you, much like Rick and Ilsa did in "Casablanca," when they finally got back together. Will you agree to make this our own story's most romantic chapter?

You build a connection between your common experiences and the significant event of your proposal by incorporating such personalized touches, which gives the speech a romantic and one-of-a-kind quality.

Our free wedding proposal speech generator will improve your speech and make it unique thanks to these elements.

Step 6: Think about the future

Describe the future you both want to create. Mention how your relationship gives your life and dreams greater meaning. Talk about the experiences, hilarity, and love that lie ahead for you both.

Step 7: Act

Smoothly transition to the suggestion as your speech nears its conclusion. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. The impact of "Will you marry me?" hasn't aged well.

Step 8: Finish Strongly

Finish strong by tying in with the Parisian motif. Use expressions like "beginning our forever journey amidst the romance of this city" or "writing the next chapter of our love story in the heart of Paris."

Step 9: Practice, Practice, Practice at

Your proposal speech should feel natural after enough practice. Think about doing a self-recording or practicing in front of a reliable friend. When the time comes, knowing this will give you more confidence.

Another way to practice is to look at other couples' proposals. You can find them quite easily on the Internet. One of the most popular is a flashmob with a proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower:

If you want to make your proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower, we can help you organize it. You can get a free quote right now. We'll connect you with the most suitable planner for your needs, wishes, and budget

Step 10: Seize the occasion

Find the ideal Parisian location that fits your relationship on the day you make your proposal. Here's a resource on The 20 best places for a marriage proposal in Paris 2023 Take in the atmosphere, exhale deeply, and let the enchantment of the city and your love lead your words.

Remember that your proposal speech represents your love and is a symbol of the journey you have taken together and the future you are anxious to create. Your sincere words are sure to make a memory that will endure a lifetime against the picturesque backdrop of Paris.


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