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Legal & Verified Wedding Proposal Planners

Proposal Paris is the first marketplace to connect you with legal & verified wedding proposal planners in Paris, so you can avoid scams or overpriced proposals.

Paris Wedding Proposal Scams?

Paris is the city of love.

Every year, thousands of people organize their wedding proposal in the French capital.


A certain number of honest wedding planners have set up shop,
but this has also brought in dishonest planners & scammers.

Proposal in illegal locations, last-minute cancellations, theft...

These are some of the risks you run if you come across dishonest wedding planners.

That's why we created Proposal Paris:


Why Proposal Paris?

Proposal Paris works with the best legal & verified Wedding Proposal Planners,
ensuring that you are put in touch with the one who best suits your needs.


What if I don't go through Proposal Paris?


You can organize your proposal on your own or ask unverified wedding planner proposals,
but we strongly encourage you to do your due diligence.

This can include:


- Company informations
- Legal representatives informations
- Insurance guarantors information
- Parisian identification number


We remind you that Proposal Paris is 100% Free. Here's nothing to stop you using
our platform to get in touch with the best wedding proposal planners. 


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