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Why make your request on Proposal Paris?


1) Because it is free, confidential, and essential to discover all the possibilities that are offered to you for a wedding proposal in Paris.

2) We analyze your request and find the ideal type of wedding proposal according to your criteria, your budget, and your wishes.

3) We help your dreams come true! Whichever type of proposal (or crazy idea you may have) we can make it happen.

4) We take away the stress. As if proposing wasn't nerve-wracking enough, doing it in a foreign city and/or country certainly adds on. We help you find the right providers to make the special moment exactly that.

By choosing Proposal Paris, you will:


1) Save time and focus on the most important thing, your proposal (and your speech 🎙️😉). 

2) Get the best proposal type and prices on the market thanks to our +150 proposal types and our associated partners.

3) Be sure to get quality service. Best photographer, videographer, and best champagne in town.

4) Find ideas that you would not have even dared to imagine (popping the question on a hot air balloon while having a dinner?).

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