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✨ Discover the proposal of the month: Secret Boat proposal in front of Eiffel Tower

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Organize the perfect
Marriage Proposal in Paris

Proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower? With champagne on a boat to celebrate? 
Skydiving in the city of lights? Organize a proposal that reflects your love story! 

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Receive a free quote in less than 24 hours for your dream proposal.

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Find the best proposal experiences without stress, among +150 proposals. 

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Get a personalized proposal,
that reflects your love story.


 On a rooftop with breathtaking views? On a river along the Seine?

 Choose the organized proposal that reflects your love story! 

Eiffel Tower proposal
Seine river
Rooftop proposal
Luxury proposal
Over the top

Thinking about doing it in the city of love? Want to propose in Paris?
We have selected for you the best proposal planners, sorted by their type, ready to help you with your most crazy requirements.

A romantic proposal with a view of the Eiffel Tower? A private cruise on the seine for an intimate setup? A one-of-a-kind ride on a helicopter for the most adventurous? An out-of-a-fairytale experience on a castle? We help you create the perfect scenario for your proposal!

A romantic proposal on a rooftop overlooking the Eiffel Tower?
Or a surprise proposal on a private boat, with the crew's complicity?

Find the right proposal for your needs & ideas!

Private proposal
Public proposal
Sportive proposal
Adventurous proposal

You're ready to take the next step, and you've decided to do it in Paris, but how?

Think of how you would like to spend that special moment...

Is it just the two of you? Are you surrounded by other people? How about doing your favorite things? Jumping out of a plane? What about racing cars? Are you more into a terrace full of roses? We'll help you plan the best proposal with the top-rated proposal planners in Paris!


On a boat? In front of the Eiffel Tower? In Montmartre?

Find the right place to pop the question!

On the banks of the Seine
In a typical Parisian boat proposal
In front of the Eiffel Tower
In Parisian gardens & parks
On a typical french restaurant
In a typical Parisian hotel proposal

Looking for the perfect spot to propose in the city of love? 

A castle at the gates of Paris as a real fairy tale for a wedding proposal?  A rooftop with the most outstanding views of Paris?


How about making her dreams come true in Disneyland Paris? Or having a top-rated meal at one of the best restaurants in town?
Find exactly where to pop the question through our selection of the right places to get down on one knee!

A marriage proposal on a boat in the summer heat?
An indoor proposal facing the snow of winter?

Look for the proposal that suits you based on the season!

Spring proposal
Summer proposal
Fall proposal
Winter proposal

Find the right moment to ask!


Will there be snow around you? Or a million flowers making their yearly appearance?

Choose the time of the year you'd like to get on one knee and find the perfect proposal for you!

Get the best Organized  Wedding Proposals in Paris.

Get the best Organized

Wedding Proposals in Paris.

How to prepare the best proposal speech?

To prepare the best proposal speech, you need to express your love, commitment and the unique aspects of your relationship in a sincere and memorable way. You can start by reflecting on your relationship, special moments, shared experiences and the qualities you love most in your partner.


Be authentic by speaking from your heart and using your own voice, because your partner will appreciate your sincerity and genuine emotions. Aim for a simple, focused speech that conveys your love, intentions and commitment to your partner.

To help you, you can use free tools like the AI Speech Creator of Proposal Paris.

This tool can help you create a personalized speech that's both engaging and memorable.

How to organize the best proposal?

Organizing the best wedding proposal involves careful planning, attention to detail and a touch of romance. It's important to create a proposal that reflects your unique relationship to make this moment truly special. The venue is one of the most important elements of a successful proposal.


Don't forget that choosing a location that has special meaning for both of you can be just as important as choosing an iconic Parisian landmark. When planning the moment, consider the time of day, but also think about what would best suit your couple's style.


To help you, you can use free tools like the AI Proposal Creator by Proposal Paris.

This tool can help you create a bespoke experience for your wedding proposal.

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